How to Know When it’s Time to Move on

You got the job offer, now what?

Let’s face it, changing jobs can be challenging. There is no guarantee that making a big move can improve your financial situation or quality of life. There are so many variables to factor that it can leave your head spinning.  

Financially it may be better, but will it improve your life?


You applied, you interviewed, you got the offer…and it’s BIG!  Congratulations, years of hard work and dedication to your career can pay off. But, is money the only thing you should consider? NO! More money. More problems. (Isn’t that what the kids say?) Here are some questions to think about. 

  • Will your commute costs increase? 
  • Are retirement contributions the same? 
  • What are the health insurance costs? 
  • Do they pay for conferences or personal training? 
  • Is there a bonus structure in place? 

All of these things can change the net value of the offer and should be considered.  

The offer: think big picture 

Making a higher salary is great but not if it’s making your life miserable. Long commute times can take away valuable time from your family. A toxic work environment can spill into  your personal relationships. An unmanageable workload can cause traumatic stress of your body.  Ask yourself, is it worth it?  

You’ve thought about all of these variables…now what? 

It’s time to pull out the old go-to for indecisive decision makers have trusted for centuries: the pro con list. Get out your trusty pad and paper and draw a line smack down the middle.  On the left write pro and on the right write con. GO TO TOWN. Write down absolutely everything you can think of.  Then, start a new list this time ranking them in order of importance to you. Once you have them down on paper you can visually evaluate how the job will impact your life. 

Unfortunately, no one has the ability to see into the future. All you can do is trust your gut…and your pro con list!

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